When managing and renting their properties from overseas, one of the first questions that many new owners will naturally have is “how do I check-in my guests?”

One piece of advice and popular with many owners renting direct without a manager is to provide self check-ins and store keys in a lockbox. We couldn’t disagree more with this advice.

While this may save time and money in the short term, there is so much that can go wrong and end up costing you a lot more in the long run. This is why we always insist on in-person check-ins (and check-outs) before handing over the keys to your property.

Here are a few reasons why we always check-in your guests in person.

A Warm Welcome

Arriving in a new country can be stressful for many people and there is nothing better than having a friendly face to welcome you in person.

When guests book through Alexanders Property we arrange their airport transfer and meet them at the property. Not only does this ease their worries of finding the property or overpaying for a taxi, but it’s also a service that leads to more repeat bookings and better reviews.

Walking guests through the property is also a great opportunity for us to explain how everything works and learn more about them, which helps us create a better experience for their stay.

In the end, this short time spent with your guests makes their stay easier for all of us.


Meeting guests in person for both check-in and check-out give your property a lot more protection.

Firstly, it lets us see who and most importantly how many people are staying at your property. This happens often; someone will book your 1 bedroom apartment for 2 people but turn up with 3 or 4 people expecting to stay. Over occupation leads to increased wear & tear and damage to your property.

Secondly, we can express specific house rules in person, collect damage deposits, read electric meters with the guests and collect payment for electricity usage.

Finally, meeting guests in person, rather than in a lockbox, limits the possibility of your property being entered by someone other than your current guests. We’ve all heard the horror stories of previous Airbnb guests returning and entering the property after check out!

Improve the Guests Experience

As touched on previously, performing an in-person check-in allows us to create a more personal connection with the guests.

Other than consistency, one of the most daunting aspects of booking a stay in a property rental is getting to it and checking-in. We minimize this worry by organising airport transfers with our regular team of drivers and always being there when they arrive.

This contact will improve the guests experience rating and lead to an increase in future bookings. People are more likely to return to one of our managed properties as they are familiar with the service level we provide.

Although we feel in-person check-ins are crucial, we know it might still be impossible for you to do. If you’re a property owner and want to improve your guest’s experience or start renting your property, get in touch. Joining our management program is quick and easy, simply fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you that same day.

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