When speaking with property owners we’re asked many questions about our management services, and when it comes to marketing, one of the first questions always is “Do you list on Airbnb?” quickly followed by “How many other sites will you list my property on?”

The answers are yes and not as many as you think.

Having your property listed on several platforms is great for exposure and will increase your property’s online visibility. This, in turn, of course, helps increase your potential number of bookings, leading to a full calendar.

However, there’s no need to be on every listing site.

Why We Don’t List Everywhere

If you’ve been researching property management companies you may have come across this sales talk.

“We publish your property on 60 sites!”

“Your property on hundreds of listing platforms.”

Whilst more may sound better, this strategy usually only leads to having many mediocre listings that won’t be updated on sites that generate zero bookings for your property.

When it comes to listing sites, the most important factors to rank high and generate bookings are guest satisfaction, price, listing quality, reviews, and conversion rate.

This is why we focus on creating a handful of 100% optimized, high-performing listings on platforms that actively target people looking to book accommodation in Phuket.

Below is a sample of some of the platforms we focus on:


Over the last few years, Airbnb has exploded in popularity to become the world leader in vacation rentals.

With over 150 million users worldwide and over 2 million users staying in an Airbnb per night, it’s no wonder over 2.9 million hosts choose to list on Airbnb.


Booking.com has become one of the leading travel and accommodation services in the world.

Initially focusing on hotels, as well as flights and car hire, booking.com has over the last few years pushed hard to promote its vacation rentals. Due to its ease of travel arrangement and organization, it welcomes over 1,500,000 bookings every day. (PRE COVID)


Similar to Booking.com in the way that guests can book hotel rooms, airline tickets, and rental cars, Expedia has also added and promoted vacation rentals over recent years.


Focused much more on Asia, with Phuket being one of their top destinations. Recently Agoda has also promoted vacation rentals as well as monthly stays.

Whilst we do list elsewhere and continue to experiment with new platforms, these are easily the highest performers for property rentals in Phuket.

If you’re looking for help managing your property on multiple platforms, the team here at Alexanders Property is ready and more than willing to help!

We take away the stress of managing multple calendars, pricing, guest communication, coordination and much more.

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