When is the Best Time to Visit Phuket?

The best time to visit Phuket is between November and April. With the best & hottest months being December, January and April.

The island of Phuket is famous for its beaches and during these months is perfect beach weather.

Whilst the weather in Phuket is warm year-round, there are two separate seasons, the dry season and the rainy season.

These seasons are created by the tropical monsoon, with winds coming from the northeast in the dry season and then reversing southwest, bringing rain from the Indian Ocean.

Temperatures range from 25-35 degrees if coming on holiday between June and October you can find yourself stuck inside for a few hours due to the tropical showers.

The Dry Season

Starting in December and ending in March, the dry season also marks the beginning of the high season for tourism and brings with it clear blue skies and calm seas.

This is the best time to visit Phuket as there are mostly clear blue skies, almost no rainfall and the cool breezes coming from the northeast create the perfect climate. The perfect time if you plan to relax by the pool or on the beach working on your tan.

However, these are also the busiest months for tourism. Expect the beaches & roads to be very busy and your accommodation to cost more, especially over the Christmas and New Year period which is the peak season.

The Rainy Season

Starting in June and ending in October, the rainy season is the low season for tourism. The biggest advantage of this season is that holiday rentals and hotels in Phuket are offered at a discount, sometimes less than half the price of high season.

Perfect for travellers on a budget looking to explore Phuket sporting activities such as surfing or Muay Thai Boxing.

The strong winds from the southwest bring plenty of rain and warm air to Phuket making it very hot and humid. The average rainfall on Phuket is 2500mm, the vast majority of which falling in this season.

Important Warning: Something to be aware of during this time of year is the sea can become quite rough with strong currents and can be unsafe for swimming. Make sure to check for the red flags before going into the sea.

The rough sea also affects boat and diving tours which become very dependent on the weather, often stopping boat trips and reducing visibility for divers.

The rain during these months usually only lasts a few hours and very rarely for an entire day.

Average Seasonal Temperatures

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Phuket Yearly Rain Chart

Transitional Periods

The transitional periods usually last about a month and can be quite hard to predict. Before the rainy season starts, April – May are the hottest months of the year.

During April is also the Songkran Festival (Thai New Year).

Before the dry season starts in November, October can be quite wet and cool.

Phuket Weather by Month


One of the best months to visit the island, January provides the perfect weather in Phuket. Lots of blue skies and calm seas. January weather is always beautiful, with no rainfall and comfortable temperatures.

However, when the sun is out, so are the tourists. Expect to pay more for your accommodation and find the beaches and roads a lot busier than other months.


Expect more of the same as January except with temperatures starting to rise, the days will be getting warmer throughout the month. February is a great time to visit Phuket.


Still mostly blue skies and very little rainfall. The sun will be shining although the days will start to get a little too hot for comfort.

There may be a few overcast days with the odd shower. Which after 5 months of the dry season is more than welcome.


The hottest month of the year with temperatures well into the ’30s. April can be too hot for some peoples liking.

The month begins beautifully with lots of blue skies, though the rainy season is looming and towards the end of the month can see some rainfall.

April is also the month of the famous Songkran Festival. A national water fight which depending on where your staying can last several days.

For families, this is a great time to come and enjoy the water festivities. Trust us, the kids will love it!


The rainy season is officially here. May is Phuket’s second wettest month of the year. It will typically rain for longer periods with the temperature dropping to around 30 degrees and below.

Although on average 18 days of the month will see rain, there is still plenty of sunshine and blue skies to enjoy.

Prices for accommodation will also decrease to low season rates. Expect to find some great deals if you’re visiting Phuket in May.


Whilst most of Europe is experiencing great weather, the rainy season is well and truly here in Phuket. The downpours will be often but a lot shorter. The days will be mostly overcast with some blue skies in the breaks.


The rainy season is still here. Expect the same weather as June but with slightly more rainfall. The downpours will be often but a lot shorter. The days will still be mostly overcast with some blue skies in the breaks.


Temperatures will range from 20-30 degrees. Expect short but heavy showers with sunny periods in between.


The wettest month of the year. The downpours will be often and for long periods. The days will be mostly overcast and at their coolest. Whilst the seas are too rough for swimming it is the best time of the year for surfers.


Another wet month for Phuket. The rain continues and sometimes for long periods. Most days will be overcast with very little blue sky. October is the third wettest month of the year.


High season is here! During November the downpours will stop. Though there will still be the occasional shower, the rainy season is over. Temperatures will start to rise with the skies being a mixture of cloudy and blue.


High season is in full swing. The skies will be mostly blue with the temperature around the thirties and only the occasional shower.

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