As a property owner, you want your guests to be as happy and comfortable as possible in your property while maximizing your ROI.

We believe the key to attractive interiors is a balance between style, comfort, and discovery.

Your property is an experience for the guest and thoughtfully designed spaces are much more likely to receive positive reviews, leading to more bookings in the future.

Home Away From Home Comfort

The biggest advantages your property will have over traditional hotel rooms are space and comfort. It’s important that your home feels fresh, whilst also having personality and charm.

To keep the space feeling fresh, a coat of paint goes a long way. We suggest using neutral tones and colors. Neutral walls are a great blank canvas for you to add your personal touches around the space, and there isn’t any chance of putting guests off.

To create a more unique space you can also paint an accent wall. This is by far the easiest and most popular way of adding some color.

For smaller spaces, mirrors are your best friend. They make a small room feel larger by reflecting light.

Adding some decorative items such as cushions, candles, books or even some plants can make the space feel more homely, and also adds some personality.

Rugs can also make great statement pieces in any living area, complementing other furniture and adding a layer of comfort. Bold rugs are also an easy way to make a room feel more stylish.

These simple tips will personalize and warm your property, while also giving the feeling of a bigger space. Personalizing your property will add to its uniqueness and charm, which is what travelers are looking for when booking a rental home.

Make it a Local Experience

While searching for accommodation, guests will often choose a property rental for a more authentic experience.

When you’re decorating your property, make it a local experience that offers an insight into the island.

Each room should have something local and unique to Phuket. This could be artwork, a buddha statue, or books, make sure to include items you won’t find in a hotel room! Wall art is an easy option, and nowadays it is possible to include without spending a lot.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Last but not least, a professionally styled photoshoot will make a huge difference!

Capturing the best features of your property with brighter backgrounds and better composition will help you differentiate yourself from others, grab the viewer’s attention, and is guaranteed to increase bookings.

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