This is my complete guide to writing Airbnb titles in 2020.

In this all-new guide I’ll show you:

  • How to grab people’s attention
  • My own formula for writing titles
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • And lots more

So if you want to get more traffic to your Airbnb listing, you’ll love today’s guide.

Let’s get started.

Introduction to Airbnb Titles

After your main photo, your title is one of the most significant details of your listing’s search visibility and sadly one that is often overlooked.

Your title’s primary goal is to get people to click through to your listing.

CTR (click through rate) is a critical component to ranking high in the Airbnb search results.

Though saying this, converting those views is even more significant.

Ideally, you want your title to be attention grabbing, focused on the benefits and be written with your ideal guest in mind.

Here are a few things to help you write click-worthy Airbnb titles:

Make it Eye Catching

Your Airbnb title is the second part of the listing a potential guest will see when searching for accommodation.

And as mentioned above, it’s a very significant part of your Airnbnb listing and needs to be eye catching.

To make it stand out and grab people’s attention you need to highlight your top feature or amenity.

For example, if your place has a private swimming pool or hot tub make sure to include this information in your title as it makes your offer look more desirable.

Make sure to capitalize each word in your title in order to draw more attention.

And remember; if you don’t highlight the benefits of your space here, how will anyone know you have them?

Focus on the front of the Title

There a two reasons you should focus your attention to the front of your title.

The first is quite simply, the title may get cut off when viewed on mobile devices.

The second is to optimize your listing for search. Airbnb places a lot of importance on the title when matching listings to search queries.

To see for yourself, try searching for a landmark or attraction in your city.

As you can see, it’s important to add what you think people will be searching for at the front of your title.

Use Descriptive Words

Make use of descriptive words that concisely express to searchers what your space is like.

Just as you did with your top feature, come up with one or two descriptive words that best describe your space.

Make sure they will appeal to your ideal guest looking to book a property like yours.

And don’t forget to use them and others in your listing description as well.

Some examples to include are luxury, romantic, cosy, bright, sun-filled, rustic, spacious, modern, minimalist and beachfront.

Check out this post with 115 descriptive words to give you some inspiration.

Use ALL of the Space Provided

For Airbnb titles, the maximum length you can use is 50 characters.

Research has shown listings with 5 or more words in their titles rank higher.

Use Abbreviations

As space is limited to 50 characters, you have to choose your words carefully.

One tip to keep your titles short is to abbreviate common words.

To save space, here are some abbreviations you can use:

  • with –> w/
  • bedroom –> BR or Bed
  • bathroom –> BA or Bath
  • air conditioning –> AC or Air-Con

Try not to use too many abbreviations as some people may not understand what they mean.

Speak to Your Ideal Guest

Rather than trying to appeal to all users, always keep your ideal guest in mind.

Are you in a tourist destination or catering to domestic travellers? Families or professionals? What amenities are they looking for? What’s important to them? Try putting yourself in their shoes.

For example, if you are catering to families on vacation, it might be a good idea to include nearby landmarks or attractions in your area.

For business travellers you might want to include the location, amenities such office or WiFi speed, also use appealing adjectives such as, “bright”, “quiet”, “modern” or “convenient.”

Airbnb Title Formulas

Although we might only have 50 characters, there are many parts that need to come together to form a listing title.

These include but are not limited to; property types, unique selling points, features, amenities, adjectives, ideal guests, house names, locations, landmarks and distances.

While there is no such thing as a perfect Airbnb title, the formulas below will put you on the right track to creating an eye-catching title for your listings.

Formula 1: (Adjective) (Property Type) w/ (Feature) + (Feature)

Example 1: Sun-filled Condo w/ King Bed + Oceanside Views

Formula 2: (Adjective) (Property Type) (Landmark) (Distance)

Example 2: Minimalist Loft Near Times Square – 5 Min Walk

Formula 3: (Adjective) (Property Type) Perfect for (Ideal Guest)

Example 3: Spacious Beach House Perfect for Family Getaway

Formula 4: (Unique Selling Point) (Adjective) (Location) (Property Type)

Example 4: Enjoy Sunset Walks at this Romantic Beachside Villa

Formula 5: (Adjective) (Location) (Property Type) (Feature) (Location)

Example 5: Sleek Hillside Villa with a Pool in Miami

Common Mistakes

Writing the title for you, not your Guests.

This is a very common mistake a lot of hosts and property managers make when they have multiple spaces.

To fix this issue, Airbnb has introduced an internal name option in the title and description section.

Avoid Generic Adjectives

While it is a good rule of thumb to include unique adjectives in your title, you should avoid using generic words like “best”, “good”, “nice” or “great”.

These generic adjectives add no value to your listing title and grab no ones attention.

Irrelevant Information

Searchers will typically use filters to narrow their search down. Therefore, it’s not necessary to include this information in your title.

Popular search filters include location, beds, number of bedrooms, property type and type of place.

If you are using the above in your title, you’re missing a big opportunity to grab searchers attention.


This is something people do in the hope it will make their listing stand out.

In my opinion, it makes your listing stand out for the wrong reasons as most people on the internet associate all caps with shouting and spam.

Using all caps will also take up more space, making less of your title viewable to people searching on mobile devices.

As stated above, capitalizing the first letter in words is ok and recommended.

Using symbols and emojis

Whilst they have become popular, using symbols or emojis in your Airbnb titles is against Airbnb’s terms of service.

Airbnb states that “Listing titles that include symbols or emojis” violates their policy specific to listing titles.

For this reason, I don’t use them in my own titles nor do I recommend others do in theirs.


Hopefully the tips in this guide will have you writing an eye catching title in no time.

Once you have all of the unique selling points, features, adjectives etc for your listing written down; play around with the formulas above, change the orders and even make up your own.

Most importantly, you should make sure your title has more than 5 words; search terms are in the first half of the title and it is written for your ideal guests.

Well, that’s all for my guide to Airbnb titles. Did I miss anything?

Either way, I’d love to see your titles in the comments.

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