Over the last decade, condominiums have become more and more popular in Phuket. Often built-in central locations or within walking distance to beaches and local amenities, these self-catering units are available at more affordable prices compared to villas or homes. This is why they have become very popular with single travelers and couples looking for affordable rental options.

The only negative being, condos are renowned for being small in size.

If you are looking to maximize your rental income from your Phuket condo, you’ve come to the right place. Condos are clearly an attractive choice, but is there anything putting potential tenants off?

To avoid your space feeling cramped or claustrophobic, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite ways you can make your condo feel 10x bigger.

Use Space Wisely

When getting your condo ready to accept guests, you will need to think carefully about the available space you have to work with.

Invest in streamlined furniture and push this up against walls. This will open up more space in the center of the room and help the condo feel more organized and less cluttered.

Try to avoid larger, bulkier furniture with awkward shapes, especially in the smaller areas in the condo. Not only will they not fit flush against the walls, but they’ll also dominate and overwhelm the space, making it feel cramped.

Less is More

It can be tempting to invest in lots of furniture and decorations to either offer extra storage solutions or add a personal touch. However, filling your condo with excessive items can make it feel even smaller than it really is. It can also take up any essential space in the condo, making it feel overwhelmed and cluttered.

We recommend only investing in essential furniture and using decorations sparingly. Having a clear flow of movement throughout the condo is crucial to make it feel more spacious, whilst offering your tenants more living space.

Light & Bright Colours

It’s important to choose the right color palette for your condo in order to make the most of your space. White, or other pale shades, better reflect the light in the room, making a smaller space feel more open and airy.

Darker shades should be avoided, as they are known to make rooms feel smaller. They can create the illusion of more shadow and darkness in the room, making it feel claustrophobic. If you’re working with a very small condo in Phuket, avoid darker tones. Opt for whites, pale greys, or egg-shell shades.

Multi-functional Furniture

When you need furniture, shop savvy. Instead of buying a piece of furniture that serves only one purpose, think about items that can maximize space and storage solutions whilst looking fantastic in your condo.

We’re talking beds with under-bed storage, sofa beds, sofas with drawers, or folding dining tables. If you can integrate storage opportunities with your everyday furniture items, you can maximize open floor space which makes the condo feel bigger overall.

Reflective Accessories

Did you know that you can rely on the work of illusions to make a condo feel bigger? Mirrors have the ability to create the illusion of more space due to reflecting both natural and artificial light and by adding depth to a room.

If you place mirrors strategically around your condo, you can trick the eye into seeing more space. Place a large mirror near a window and it can effectively reflect the light around the room, lighting up even the darkest of corners to create the illusion of a larger room.

How can Alexanders Property Help?

Potential tenants are far more attracted to a light and spacious condo than one that shows dark and cramped living spaces. If you’re looking to improve bookings and increase your revenue, these changes will make a world of difference.

We perform an annual home audit, pinpointing areas of your condo that may need improvement and provide you with actionable advice in order to make it rental-ready. We’ll assess the general state of your condo as well as its appearance and any areas that need maintenance.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you improve your property, as well as discuss our other property management services such as marketing, guest management, and maintenance.

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