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Welcome to our Online Home!

Thank you for considering Alexanders Property to manage your rental property. We have built our reputation on providing quality rentals with superior customer services, so congratulations – you have just taken the first step to a profitable business relationship.


Savvy Marketing

Both Property Owners and Renters like that we advertise our rentals beyond just this website, and use a multi-channel approach and also list on many of the popular industry portals. This allows us to reach more renters with our message and better keep our units booked, including yours. Another key aspect of Alexanders Property is the ability to get to know our guests in order to provide them with customized service leading to greater customer satisfaction so they will vacation with us again and again. That’s another way we get the highest occupancy levels and maintain well-cared for properties for owners.


Latest Technology

We have made significant investments in the technology that we use, to ensure a smooth booking and stay experience for our guests, and an efficient and accountable process for our property owners. Examples are this website which can be accessed effectively regardless if the user has a mobile phone, tablet or a desktop computer. We also have an easy to use search and booking engine, which will showcase your property with large attractive photos. All guest communication is standardized for speed and accuracy, which means more bookings for our property owners.


Excellence and Integrity

We are laser-focused on serving owners with excellence and integrity. Our formula for success? We know that you have choices and want to both protect and maximize your investment in your vacation home. That’s why we have put together a knowledgeable and experienced team that delivers the best in property care and cleaning, cost-saving measures, and a savvy marketing program to get you the occupancy levels you are looking for. We also have standardized processes to give you timely financial statements and rent payments.


Please Connect Today!

As we always say, our specialty is renting the right home to the right guest. Let’s talk about your property and your goals and see if our approach and experience is right for you. Call us or email us today! We look forward to hearing from you and delivering a level of service exceeding your expectations.


Frequently Asked Questions


What areas of Phuket do you cover?

Alexanders Property currently manages residential properties on the western coast of Phuket, Thailand. Areas include; Patong, Kalim, Kamala, Surin, Bang Tao, Layan, Laguna and Nai Thon. For more information about the areas we cover call us on +66 817 005 451 or email us at

If I want to sell my property, can Alexanders help?

Unfortunately we do not offer sales services as we are currently focused on property management and holiday rentals.

Can I inspect the property whenever I like?

As the owner of the property you can visit for an inspection whenever you like. However when the property is rented the tenant needs to be given at least 24 hours notice.

How do you determine the best rent for my property?

Our aim is to always achieve the maximum rental potential possible, however we keep in mind setting the correct competitive market rate to allow us to rent your property as soon and as frequently as possible. To achieve this, the following factors are considered:

Demand: Is there currently a low or high demand for rental properties in your area?

What else is available: We look at similar properties currently available for rent in the same area and compare their size, location and features to calculate a maximum rental rate for your property.

What is currently rented: We compare your rental property with our portfolio that is currently rented, again taking into account the properties size, location and features.

These 3 factors alone can give us enough information to be able to set the correct rental rate for your property.

Who signs the tenancy documentation?

Alexanders will sign tenancy documents on your behalf, however the choice is yours. We will, of course, always send you copies of any documents signed on your behalf.

Who pays for utilities?

For holiday rental or short term booking (under 90 days) you, the owner, are responsible for the payment of utilities usage during the tenants stay unless otherwise stated and agreed upon in the rental contract.

For long term bookings (over 90 days) it is the responsibility of the tenant to pay the utility fees during their tenancy. Long term tenants are also expected to pay for any scheduled services such as pool cleaning, garden, satellite TV and Internet subscriptions. Management fees, pest control and any insurance costs are the responsibility of the Owner.

What if the tenant wants to change the locks?

If the tenant would like to change the existing locks or wished to add any further security to the property, the tenant must obtain the owners consent prior to commencing any works, also paying all costs. The tenant must also provide the owner and Alexanders with copies of all new keys.